Below is just a brief description of the skills and services I can provide to you on a freelance basis.

If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.

03 - Shima Seiki APEX, Program Design and Development


Quallified programmer trained in creating patterns/programs on the Shima Seiki APEX software.

These can then be loaded into a range of Shima Seiki electronic knitting machines in order to manufacture your knitted garments and accessories to specification. 

01 - Custom Knitwear Design


Designing and creating custom made knitted garments and accessories to your required specifications.

02 - Linking, Mending and Finishing


Linking for garments and accessories on machines of 3gg, 5gg, 7gg and 12gg. Mending of dropped or burst stitches withing the fabric, the weaving in of loose ends and washing/pressing.

05 - Custom Crochet

Can crochet items, accessories and  garments from patterns provided for many different stitches and designs.

04 - Sewing, Overlocking and Alterations

Alterations of woven garments, accessories and interiors such as dress/trouser hem reduction, curtain adjustments and mends in torn or burst seams.